What cricket can adopt from football and save the apparent nosedive

Mount Meghdoot

There is no need to say anything, Cricket may be standing at a point where avoiding a nosedive is their task of high priority, and there is only one man who has survived a nosedive (albeit beautifully) and the guy is called Bond, James Bond.
It started when two most popular cricket teams from most popular region of world cricket crashed out from early stage of world cup 2007 in west Indies, but the game itself saved gracefully when both teams with renovated lineup met in one of the most entertaining tourney in cricket history – inaugural t20 world cup. And then unveiling of IPL made it clear – the game is far from being unpopular and what happened is called shock, not nosedive.
IPL as the founding chairman and brain behind it Lalit Modi described was wire framed on the bases of some of the most popular football leagues. And it was enough…

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