Facebook to launch new social networking site for intellectuals called Facepalm

Mount Meghdoot

In a surprising news we got from Palo Alto based world’s number 1 social network that they are to launch a new Social Network for intellectuals and their fans based on their current website, this site will be called “Facepalm“, which will be launched in a few weeks from now.

In a private hangout with some selected tech bloggers Facepalm’s chief technological engineer Hugo Strange told press that this website is being developed for years, so intellectuals can enjoy discussing and creating the things they love without being interfered by normal people who disguise themselves as fans. However the intellectuals can add the fans on site only after they are approved by the intellectuals. The rest can not sign up….

Mr. Strange has revealed with press some interesting information about site’s name.

It’s called facepalm because it connects two most important aspects of the facebook powered site of…

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